7 Easy Steps to Closing Deals Using LinkedIn

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How would you like my step-by-step blueprint for using your LinkedIn Profile to close your perfect clients?

This is the same blueprint that has allowed me to score a 70% closing rate from the prospects, that I directed to my LinkedIn profile. 

These strategies are not theories and they have been tested in the trenches and they do work, for me, my team and my Elite Coaching Clients. 

So why focus on a Client Closing System and not start off by sharing lead generation strategies? 

You and I know that almost every LinkedIn training and guru promotes lead generation systems and methods, so why don’t I?

It’s simple. Generating leads isn’t necessarily easy, but it can be done, and done fast, especially on LinkedIn. 

However, what good will it do to you, if you generate leads, but have a hard time closing them? 

Until you refine your client closing methods, you will be burning through your priceless hot leads!

DO NOT WASTE amazing opportunities; opportunities that may not present themselves again.

Leads, Leads, Leads, yes, you need leads, but I haven't found any solid training on converting a lead into a paying client. 

As a LinkedIn member you are probably not experiencing the success you deserve for the time, money and effort you invested.

As I train my own team and teach my Elite Coaching Clients, I needed to break down what I do and how I do it into actionable steps, so that it can be duplicated. 

This 7-step plan is how we convert leads into high paying clients for my students and my company. 

Once you have mastered 
the art and methods to closing clients leveraging your LinkedIn in profile, all you have to do is rinse and repeat, scale it up, increase your profits and control the money you earn.

I am certain you see the benefit and obvious logic of perfecting your closing skills as you ramp up your lead generation.

The good news for you is;  most of your competitors  are doing just that:  working hard at getting leads... Maybe even buying those leads and they are wasting these leads, because their closing system is not defined and not proven.

Do not waste another minute on LinkedIn if you don’t go through this proven 7 steps plan for closing clients.

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